Davis & Hosfield professionals have been retained as consulting and testifying experts for a wide variety of matters requiring independent financial and economic analysis. Whether it is critiquing an opposing expert report or performing a forensic accounting investigation, our team of accountants and fraud examiners have the training and experience to present clear, defensible opinions to both clients and Courts.

The following are examples of the types of analyses our experts have provided:

  • Lost earnings for personal injury, wrongful death and employment discrimination matters
  • Forensic accounting investigations to determine business and personal income for matrimonial disputes
  • Lost income to a trust and estate resulting from attorney malpractice claims
  • Lost income to a physician resulting from non-renewal of clinical privileges
  • Tracing of funds in fraud investigations

Lost Earnings for Medical Malpractice Claim
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An individual who sustained a scar on his eye during a medical procedure sued the physician and her practice for damages to compensate him for his future lost earnings. The Plaintiff alleged he would have earned annual income from a business he owned, exceeding what he had earned in prior years, for the remainder of his life. Our project team submitted an expert report which included a forensic analysis of the Plaintiff’s historical personal and business income and fraudulent tax returns that had been produced in the matter. Our expert determined that historically, the Plaintiff’s personal annual income was less than half of what he was seeking. Further, using government labor statistics, our expert determined that the number of years the Plaintiff would have spent working or actively looking for work over the remainder of his life based on factors such as age, sex, and education was significantly lower than the Plaintiff’s remaining life expectancy. Our expert gave a deposition and the parties ultimately agreed to settle outside of court.