Davis & Hosfield consults with individuals and companies on a variety of financial and economic issues outside of the litigation context. We have experience advising clients when it comes to making important decisions affecting their business and enhancing value for their organization.

Examples of services we provide include the following:

  • Pre-litigation damages assessment
  • Advising on potential or actual licensing negotiations
  • Royalty audits
  • Examination of the financial and economic implications of proposed contracts
  • Development or restructuring of intellectual property strategies
  • Construction project management


Evaluation of Licensing Practices
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Davis & Hosfield was retained by a semiconductor company to assist in the restructuring of its global licensing practices. The company was considering modifying, among other things, the consideration terms and royalty structure which existed in dozens of its out-bound license agreements with third-parties related to its patent portfolio. Our team worked with the client to analyze the potential financial and economic implications of a change in strategy and advised it on potential risks and challenges such a change could bring from both a business and litigation prospective.