Davis & Hosfield’s team of valuation experts includes professionals that are certified, licensed and trained to provide the assistance necessary in cases involving business valuation and related damages.  These individuals have worked on dozens of matters involving the complex issues that affect the value of a business.  

The business valuation conclusions reached by Davis & Hosfield’s experts have ranged from $100,000 to over $1.5 billion. Our experts have performed business valuations and related damages analyses for numerous types of cases, including:

  •       Breach of fiduciary duty
  •       Contract disputes
  •       Defamation
  •       Fraud
  •       Matrimonial disputes
  •       Post-acquisition disputes
  •       Professional malpractice
  •       Trust and estate disputes


Our professionals have extensive experience determining the appropriate standard of value and applying the relevant valuation approaches designed to reach accurate and reliable conclusions.  We have been recognized and qualified by Courts as experts in business valuation and business value damages.

Breach of Contract Dispute Involving Renewable Energy
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A developer of renewable energy projects and a large, international energy company entered into an agreement to develop concentrated solar plants. Our client, the Plaintiff, alleged defendants breached the contract, breached their fiduciary duties to the Plaintiff, and tortuously interfered with the contractual rights, among other claims. Our project team submitted an affirmative expert report as well as a rebuttal expert report which included financial analyses of the loss in business value suffered by the plaintiff caused by the allegations. Team members reviewed documents and testimony, analyzed financial information, conducted interviews with Plaintiff personnel, and consulted technical experts in the renewable energy field. Project team members also performed extensive research on the state of the market prior to the breach, at the time of the breach, and after the breach, which included different industry forecasts and trajectory estimates of the market to calculate Plaintiff’s lost market share, business value, and therefore, its loss in business value. Our expert gave a deposition and testified at trial on the loss in value of the Plaintiff company. Our team of consultants attended the trial as well. The Plaintiff, our client, prevailed at trial after the judge found Defendants liable for three out of the four damages related claims. The damages awarded were based on the analysis of lost business value and lost investment income our expert testified to at trial.